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Database of consultants and on-field specialists

ProDev's database of specialized consultants features a vast range of experts able to cover almost any required qualification and skill to fulfill a job description and/or a position in a project team. ProDev offers complete and integrated teams in order to implement projects in a flexible manner that best serves the client.

ProDev's database currently contains over 3000 registered and approved expert consultants, from junior (3+) to senior (15+ years experience). Ninety percent are Arab-speakers or have significant previous experience in the Arab World. Thirty percent are women.) Each new consultant is carefully screened before being placed on ProDev's database. The ProDev staff gets to know every consultant closely before enlisting them for a given project.

In addition to our database of consultants, and in order to ensure the success of our endeavor, ProDev has also established strong relationships with strategic partner companies, all of which have extensive experience in their specialized fields, and function according to a set of values consistent with our own.

ProDev's database is one of our major assets; it reflects our capacity to quickly shape and manage the best possible team for any development project.

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