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Regional specific implementation

ProDev's focus on project management coupled with the company's outsourcing of technical know-how to the best external selected resources, allows ProDev to offer services in a large variety of technical domains. Whenever competitively available, ProDev uses national resources to promote local development and improve the linkages of projects in the local community.

Thanks to its operational flexibility and network of competencies, ProDev is able to deliver highly competitive management services to cross-sector projects and   operates in a streamlined manner within local constraints and customs.
Some of the ‘Human Development' sectors covered by ProDev include:


Social Development

  • Poverty alleviation
  • Gender opportunity and gender equality
  • Civil society and democracy
  • Strengthening of the social services sector

Economic Development

  • Industrial restructuring
  • Micro-finance & credit
  • SME & micro-business support
  • Export development and custom reform
  • Investment promotion
  • Rural development
  • Information technology
  • Software development and promotion

Human Resource Development

  • Training of trainers
  • Vocational training
  • Long-distance training
  • Curricula development
  • Basic and secondary education

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