ProjectsDeveloping Capacity-Building Tools for Sustainable Governance: Curriculum Development

The Institute of Finance of Lebanon – Basil Fuleihan Institute for Economy and Finance (IoF), training and communication agency of the Lebanese Ministry of Finance has been awarded an Institutional Development Fund (IDF) Grant by the World Bank for Developing Capacity Building Tools for Sustainable Governance in Lebanon and the MENA region.
The main objective of this project was to build the capacity of the Institute of Finance in public finance management through developing several training modules specialized in public finance management addressed to civil servants affiliated to Ministries of Finance and other line ministries involved in implementing public finance reforms in Lebanon and the MENA region.
During phase one of the project entitled “Validation of MENA region training needs and devising methodology”, the IoF contracted an individual consultant to conduct a needs assessment survey in order to validate the perceived demand of subjects proposed hereunder and explore existing regional offerings in Public Finance Management.

Based on the report and recommendations at the end of phase one of the project, the experts were expected to develop several training modules as follows: 1) Budget preparation, 2) Budget Execution, 3) Government Accounting and 4) Internal Controls & audits (internal & external)

The project targeted:
• Civil servants affiliated to Ministries of Finance in Lebanon and the MENA region and/or directly involved in implementing public financial management reforms;
• Civil servants in line ministries involved in public financial management reform implementation;
• Managers and financial directors of public enterprises;
• Financial auditors in inspection boards and supreme audit institutes;
• Donor-financed projects staff

Type of services provided:

• Review of the Individual Consultant’s report and recommendations in addition to examining available learning resources at the Institute of Finance of Lebanon, WBI and other institutions involved in public financial management (PFM) reform in MENA countries.

• Curricula development (including sharing of developed curricula with IC and IoF):
– ensuring that they comprise specific and tailored case studies that cater to the regional audience and are congruent with their financial systems; validating, in consultation with concerned parties the content of the modules and case studies;
-ensuring that modules are prepared in electronic versions in order to guarantee sustainability and transferability of the project, and easy access to data and material.
-Finally, the firm should revise and validate the execution modalities.
The modules were developed in English and French and translated into Arabic.

Institute of Finance
Funded by:
World Bank
Implementation date:
Jul 2009 - Apr 2010
Adetef, France (Lead)
Overall project value :
212,000 USD

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