ProjectsVocational Training and Employment Project – Agro-food School

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) intends to open an Agro-food Vocational School in Qab Elias, Lebanon, and requires long and short-term technical assistance to assist the creation of a comprehensive and replicable training model in this school. The school will offer BT level (Baccalaureate) and continuous education and training for agro-food industry workers and for the unemployed. The school will be managed jointly by the public and private entities. Furthermore, the school shall establish itself as a model of the employment-training link and be responsive to the needs of the labor market. The technical assistance (T.A) should offer mainly the following expertise:

  • Management of technical education and vocational training programs
  • Human resource management in the agro-food sector
  • Professional training in the agro-food sector
  • Labor market and employment strategies design and management

The T.A will support the Directorate General of Vocational and Technical Education (DGVTE), the Syndicate of the Lebanese Agro-food Industries (SLFI), the Agro-food Vocational School in Qab Elias, and the National Employment Office (NEO).

The overall objective of the project, of which this contract will be a part, is to establish and promote a sustainable and replicable model of vocational and technical education and training for matching the demand and supply of skills and competencies of the manufacturing industry in Lebanon.

The specific objective of this contract is to provide the Beneficiary with technical assistance in support of the implementation the VTE project for the agro-food sector.

The project is expected to produce the following results:

  • Result 1 (Economic Dimension): the capacity of the agro-food industry to identify and formulate its skill needs is improved;
    Result 2 (Training Dimension): an agro-food VET institution is created through a partnership between the SLFI and the DGVTE,
  • Result 3 (Intermediary Dimension): the capacity of NEO to design and manage active employment programs and to provide information on employment and training opportunities in the agro-food sector is enhanced

Type of services provided:

• Provide technical assistance and support for the concerned institutions (DGVTE, SLFI, NEO, and Agro-Food VET School in Qab Elias) on the implementation of activities
• Provide assistance in the creation of model labor market – vocational training linkages.
• Training Needs Assessment
• Training of Trainers
• Support the setting up of a PMU at the DGVTE
• Capacity building of the SLFI to strategically manage Human Resources.
• Development of a communication strategy for the SLFI to attract a qualified workforce.
• Development of a Human Resources Information System for the agro-food sector for a better knowledge of the Labour Market in the sector ad identify the skills needed in the future
• Development of a pilot model of VET based on a strong partnership with the agro-food industry and the development of capacities of the school management and staff to manage it.
• Development of a model of on-the-job, initial, and continuous training in the agro-food sector both for workers in the sector and the unemployed.
• Design of the curricula for the BT (Baccalaureate) program
• Provide assistance in the acquisition, installation, operation, and training on the school pilot plants
• Capacity building of the NEO staff to manage the development of active policy measures in the agro-food sector and in the labor market


Ministry of Education & Higher Education
Funded by:
European Commission
Implementation date:
Mar 2008 - Aug 2011
GTranstec S.A, Belgium (Lead)- SupAgro, France- IFOA, Italy
Overall project value :
2,400,000 Euro

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