ProjectsTraining of Trainers for NGOs members on Peace Building and Conflict Prevention Methodologies
The overall objective of the “Peace Building Project” was the creation of positive peace in Lebanon by addressing the core problems and the underlying root causes of conflict. This entails changing the patterns of interaction of the involved parties –moving them away from confrontation and violence towards political and economic participation, peaceful relationships, and social harmony. This will be enhanced through the creation of conflict resolution and peace–building mechanisms that enhance cooperation and dialogue among different identity groups and help them manage their conflict of interests through peaceful means.

Undeniably, Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations play a vital role in peacebuilding and the creation of sustainable peace. NGOs should have the capacity to empower parties to constructively deal with conflict, monitor for human rights and minority groups, and build the capacity of vulnerable groups.

One of the major goals of this Project was to re-empower functioning bodies of the Lebanese civil society to make vital decisions and strengthen their capacity to address the needs of the Lebanese people.

It is hoped that through the training of trainers, NGOs members will be exposed to:

·       Introduction to theoretical and operational concepts  of conflict prevention and transformation techniques,

·       Foster indigenous democratic elements, conflict resolution mechanisms,

·       Promote conflict prevention and peacebuilding that is context-specific to Lebanon reflecting the Lebanese local values and history.

Type of services provided:

Pre-training services:
• Support UNDP in the finalization of selection of NGOs to be trained
• Conduct pre-training needs assessments on peacebuilding related skills, tools, and methodologies of concerned NGOs that would be used to finalize the training curricula
• Sensitize NGOs to the Peace Building project and mobilize them to participate in the training program;
• Develop the specialized “Training of Trainers” curriculum (that may be later revised based on the assessed needs/requirements of the NGOs)
• Define the training materials and tool kits, the time frame needed for the training, and the work plan

Actual Training Services:
• Provide “Training of Trainers” for 50 members of 25 NGOs
• Facilitate the training sessions on-site; provide follow-up and assistance; and ensure that the program meets its desired objectives.
• Ensure a participatory approach and interactive training modes such as case studies, simulations, artistic approaches, and discussion; monitoring participation; fielding questions; stimulating discussions; managing guest moderators (local and international);

Post-training services:
• Provide technical assistance to trained NGOs on training follow-up activities, including the development of a project proposal and action plans
• Provide UNDP with updates on the field follow-up sessions and technical assistance provided to the involved NGOs.
• Develop a final report

Funded by:
Implementation date:
Jun 2008 - Sep 2008
Overall project value :
47,000 USD

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