ProjectsTrade Enhancement Project – Customs (TEP C)

TEP C is part of an overall Trade Enhancement Programme (TEP) which aims, for trade facilitation purposes, to address Egypt’s structural and institutional impediments to international trade. They represent impediments to the effective implementation of the trade and trade-related measures in the EU-Egypt Association Agreement as well as to the WTO agreements, and they undermine Egypt’s policy of encouraging inward investment and export-led growth.

The global objective of this program is to support, mainly through technical assistance and training, the Customs Reform by improving the general performance of the Customs administration and thus making the Customs more predictable, quicker, and at a better cost for all operators in foreign trade activities.

Specific objectives:
To streamline and harmonize Customs procedures according to international best practices and standards in full compliance with WTO requirements.
To modernize Customs operational tools and upgrade Customs professional capabilities at the technical, managerial, and institutional levels.
Results to be achieved by the Consultant
• The implementation of a reliable valuation system based upon international standards, consistent, in particular, with the WTO valuation concept
• The set-up and implementation of an efficient risk management system
• The organization of a comprehensive post-clearance control/audit based upon a clear strategy for post-clearance control
• The successful organization of “on the job training” for the middle management staff
• The design and implementation of an internal and external communication plan for actively supporting the whole reform process

Type of services provided:
• Capacity Building
• Training of Trainers / On-Job Training
• WTO Valuation
• Risk Management System
• Communication Optimization
• Policy advice to the Ministry of Finance


Ministry of Finance / Customs Authority
Funded by:
European Commission
Implementation date:
Jun 2005 - Dec 2007
Maxwell Stamp, UK (Lead) – DMI Associates, France – EMG, Belgium
Overall project value :
3,400,000 Euro

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